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Same Day Carpet Repair

same day carpet repair

We Offer Same Day Carpet Repair Service In Orange County

Although carpet repair may not be an emergency situation in most cases, sometimes there is an immediate need for carpet repair help, and for these moments we are ready to help.

As carpet should not easily tear, for some of us that have pets, anything can happen. It could be an old rip in the carpet that your cat or dog is constantly working on, or it could be a water damage that needs to be stretched back last minute. Either way, in some cases a same day carpet repair is needed, and we are ready to help you with out firm carpet repair service.

Carpet Patch For A Carpet Repair

If you have special company coming over, or maybe accidentally you spilled some bleach on the carpet and you are bothered with it. A carpet patch would be the advised way to repair that section of the carpet. In addition, some carpets may get burnt marks, and/or pet stains that were poorly treated in the past and will not come out. For all of these situations, a carpet patch would be the best carpet repair approach.

Carpet Stretch & Carpet Repair

Typically you will need a carpet stretch for your carpet for several reasons.

First, a very common need for a carpet stretch comes with some water damage that happened to your carpet, and the carpet had to be pulled back, then once it dried, a re-tack and carpet stretch will need to take place.

Also, over time your carpet is being slightly stretched simply by stepping on it over and over. In addition, heavy furniture that are moved on the carpet can also rush the process of your carpet being stretched, therefore, leading to ripples in your carpet that need to be stretched properly and cut out the extra carpet.

For more information about our same day carpet repair service in Orange County, please contact Dr. Carpet Floor Covering | Repair & Installation.