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Carpet Installation In Newport Beach

carpet installation in newport beach

Quick Carpet Installation In Newport Beach

Our family owned carpet installation and carpet repair service has many benefits to offer our customers. One of the most valuable offers that we provide our customers is quick turn over time for our carpet installation service. For example, you can see in the photo of this article a carpet installation in Newport Beach that we finished two days after the customers has called to make the arrangements. Typically the concern about the timely manner carpet installation service is when it comes to rental properties. When you have a rental property that needs a new floor and in particular a new carpet installed, every day counts. Of course you hope to lift up the look of your rental property as quickly as you can in order to get the new tenants into the property.

In addition to our quick carpet installation in Newport Beach service we offer, we also offer same day carpet repair in Newport Beach. While tenants move their furniture in and our, the carpet tends to over stretch, and often times you will notice the carpet is pulled up is some areas and could actually cause you to trip and fall. This phenomenon is normal and happens gradually over time. Therefore, in order to provide a clean look to the carpet and make the appropriate carpet repair and carpet stretch, you can contact us for immediate carpet repair service.

We Install All Grades Of Carpet

Although it is very common to find a basic carpet to medium grade carpet in rental properties, we are experience and equipped to install high end carpets as well. Just like our competitive prices for rental property carpet, we also offer great savings on high end carpet installation in Newport Beach.

In order to schedule a consultation about a new carpet installation in Newport Beach, please contact Dr. Floor Covering | Repair & Installation office.