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Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation

There are many great reasons that we choose to replace carpet in our home. New carpet installation ranges from a basic apartment grade carpet to our rental property. A rental property carpet will provide warmth and soft floors for the tenants. 

In addition, we choose a new carpet to our own home, which typically ranges from a mid grade to a top quality carpet that will be more stain resistant, in addition, a quality carpet will last much longer in much better shape. Therefore, saving your time and money or replacing the carpet every few years.

Also, a very common need for a new carpet replacement is commercial carpet installation. Commercial carpet also ranges from the basic short pile carpet, and all the way to industrial carpet which is much stronger and durable, and of course high end hotel carpet.

How Dr. Carpet Floor Covering | Repair & Installation works?

For almost 20 years serving our customers around Orange County and Los Angeles, our customers always know we offer the highest quality of work for competitive prices. Our long time installers are detailed oriented and work very carefully around your property to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Carpet installation cost

When it comes to the cost of installing a new carpet, the predominant factor is the quality of the carpet itself. Therefore, installing a basic apartment grade carpet would be dramatically cheaper compared to a high end, high density Shaw carpet for example. Therefore, based on your needs we can recommend the best fitting carpet for your purpose.

How We Install

Carpet installation is not so simple. The direction of the carpet has a lot to do with its longevity and of course the way it looks. The art of carpet installation becomes very important especially when you choose a textured carpet that has a specific design. These carpet are very hard to seam and to make them look flawless. For this type of art work of carpet installation is our every day joy in what we do.