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Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair

There are many issues that we can find in our carpet that will need to be repaired and can not just be cleaned or easily fixed.  

Faded Color & Bleach Stains

Here in Southern California the sun plays a major role in the fading color of the carpet. Moreover, homes that are located near the beach tend to have much faster fading color problems. 

In addition, many of us have pets in the house and old pet stains that were not treated in time, or were not treated properly could leave a permanent stain on your carpet, therefore, leaving the fibers discolored. In these cases of carpet discoloration we offer carpet patching for the areas that you would like to renew in your home.

Rips & Tears In The Carpet

While having pets in the house fills our home with love and joy, dogs and cats tend to have some accidents of urine on the carpet, however, they also tend to scratch and tear the carpet in some areas. 

In addition, burnt marks and loose seams in your carpet will also need a carpet repair service in order to keep your home safe and so no one will fall due to the loose carpet.

Loose Carpet Stretching

Over time your carpet will stretch from moving furniture and stepping on the carpet over the years. Therefore, you may notice some areas of your carpet need to be tightened up and stretched properly so the carpet doesn’t buckle up and have waves on it.